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Finmark Financials

FAQs: Sending Money

Frequently Asked Questions: Sending Money


Sending Money

         Which countries can I send money?

Currently, you can send money online to Pakistan, United Arab Emirates (UAE), United Kingdom (UK) and United State of America (USA). We are in process of adding more countries. Wire transfer can be send to globally by using SWIFT and IBAN network ask us for specific country you need to transfer.

         Where can I check current transfer rates?

You can use our Money Transfer Calculator to check current rate and transfer fees on the home page.

         Do you lock the rates for transaction?

Yes we do. When you do a transaction transfer rates are locked your recipient will get exact amount at destination without any deduction. If you perform wire transfer using SWIFT or IBAN network there will be a deduction by recipient and intermediately bank which Finmark Financials has no control on it, this amount varies by recipient bank and country.

         Can I send money directly to any bank account?

Yes. Currently, we have correspondent banking relationship with Pakistan, U.K. and UAE banks. It enables us to transfer money to any bank account in any branch instantly without any deduction at recipient end and service fees are lower.

For rest of the countries we offers wire transfer / TT service using SWIFT and IBAN network.

         What if I do not have a bank account, can I still send money?

Yes, other than bank transfers Finmark Financials also offers instant money transfer service with by using a wide agents and banks network. With instant money transfer service, the beneficiary can receive cash next business day.

         How long does it take for my beneficiary to get the money?

Delivery time varies based on payment method.

Cash Pickups are generally available the next business day.

Bank deposit can take up to 4 to 5 business day to credit in recipient account. Deposit times vary based on the bank and country.

Home Delivery where available takes 1 to 2 business days.

         How will my beneficiary receive the money?

The beneficiary can collect money via our partner banks or agents by providing 16 digits Tracking no. along with the piece of local valid identification (i.e. Driver's license, National ID Card, National Tax Card).

Note: Acceptable piece of identification varies by banks and agents.

         How long does wire transfer via a SWIFT and IBAN take to credit in account?

Usually international bank transfer takes 2-3 business days to credit in recipient account. It may vary depending on the bank, country and currency.

         What is the service fees charge on each transaction?

The service fees vary and it is based on amount and country. You can calculate it using Money Transfer Calculator on the home page.

         Why do you need recipient mobile phone number?

Our system sends SMS on your recipient mobile phone when Cash Over Counter (COC) payment is ready for pickup.

         Can I send money to Commercial or Business account?

Yes, you can send payment to any business account. Give us a call before performing transaction online as certain business account do required different information to complete the transaction.

         What are SWIFT codes, ABA & IBAN numbers?

This codes or numbers are need for wire transfer or account deposit, it allow us to identify bank and branch where money is being sent.

- SWIFT Code: It is a secure messaging system that allows banks to instruct each other on payments and accounts that they hold with each other.

- ABA Code: In America, ABA code is also known as routing number consists of nine digits.

- IBAN Number: International Bank Account Number. There several countries banks which are now part of IBAN network similar to SWIFT. Especially, all European banks are now part of IBAN network.

         Can I have more than one beneficiary?

Yes. You can have multiple beneficiaries in your account. Send money into your own account back home, to your family members, parents and friends.

For further information , we appreciate your queries at 1-905 272 3888 anytime

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