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Frequently Asked Questions


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         Can I send money through online system?

Yes, Finmark Financials offers an online money transfer service, which enables you to send money directly from your bank account to your beneficiary. No need visit any branch or agent. All you have to do is to register one-time if you are not an existing Finmark Financials customer. Otherwise, just sign in using your existing membership ID and transfer money online. For more information call us at 905-272-3888.

         What are the benefits and feature of using Online Transfer service?

Finmark Financials online transfer service is the best way for you to send money to your love ones online. You can send transaction anytime from comfort of your home or office. Following are the feature and benefits of using this service:
Highest Exchange Rate Guarantee Online: You will always receives better rate
Low Transfer Fees: You will always get low transfer fees
Choice in Payment Method: You can pay by using Interac Online, Bill Payment and Interac E-Transfer
Previous Transactions History: You can view all your previous transactions sent using Online System

         How do I sign up for an account?

Sign up for an account to use online money transfer service is easy and secure. Just click on "New Customer" complete entire form and click send. You will be asked to provide copy of identification (i.e. Driver's License, Ontario ID Card, Citizenship Card, PR Card) and Bank Statement / Utility Bill to confirm your address.
Once we verified this information, you will be able to create online account using Membership ID provided by us.
Enrollment is free and there are no obligation to open an account.

         Can I send money directly to any bank account?

Yes. Currently, we have correspondent banking relationship with Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, UAE, Sri Lanka banks. It enables us to transfer your money to any bank account in any branch instantly without any deduction at beneficiary end. For rest of the countries we offers wire transfer / TT service.

         What if I do not have a bank account, can I still send money?

Yes, other than bank transfers Finmark Financials also offers instant money transfer service with a wide agent network. With instant money transfer service, the beneficiary can receive cash next business day.

         How long does it take for my beneficiary to get the money?

Delivery time varies based on payment method:
Cash Pickups are generally available the next business day
Bank deposit can take up to 4 to 5 business day to credit in the account. Deposit times varies based on the bank.
Home Delivery where available takes 1 to 2 business days.

         What forms of payment do you accept?

Finmark Financials accept multiple mode of payments. You can pay by cash, debit card, certified cheque, bank drafts, bill payment, pre-authorized payment (PAP), Interac E-transfer, Interac Online or wire transfer. Note: All the bank draft and certified cheques should be payable to “Finmark Financials”.

         How will my beneficiary receive the money?

The beneficiary can collect money via our partner banks or agents by providing 16 digits Tracking no. along with the piece of identification (i.e. Driver's license, National ID Card, Passport, National Tax Card) Note: Acceptable piece of identification vary by banks and agents.

         How secure is Online Money Transfer - is a secure online website. It uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) which uses 256 bit encryption. It protects transaction and confidential data in a secure manner during transmission.

         How long does wire transfer via a SWIFT and IBAN take to credit in account?

Usually international bank transfer takes 2-3 business days for credit. It may vary depending on the bank, country and currency.

         Can I buy foreign currency from Finmark Financials?

Yes, Finmark Financials buys all major currencies at competitive rates in their office. Rates change regularly as international money markets fluctuate, call us for current rate.

         Can I sell foreign currency to Finmark Financials?

Yes, Finmark Financials sells all major currencies at competitive rates in their office. Rates change regularly as international money markets fluctuate, call us for current rate.

         I'm existing customer but do not remember my Membership ID?

As you need Membership ID to Sign In into online system, simply send us an email at or call us with your registered telephone number and full name we will send you your Membership ID via a email.

         What if I forgot my password?

Resetting your password is simple. Click on Sign In, select "Forget My Password". You have two options to retrieve your password:
Security Question / Answer: Enter your Membership ID, click Revive Through Security Answer. You will be asked to answer of security question. If answer correctly, you will be able to successfully change your password.
Confirm Email ID by Confirmation Code: Enter your Membership ID, click Send Code to My Email ID. You will receive confirmation code on the email you have registered with your account. Enter this confirmation code on provided screen, you will be able to successfully change your password.

         How do I view or edit my personal information (e.g. Address, Telephone no., Occupation, Email address, etc)?

Once you Sign In, go to "Settings" where you can view and change all your personal information. Some fields are locked due to compliance reasons.

         What is the service fees charge on transaction?

The service fees vary and it is based on amount and country. You can calculate it through FX Calculator available when you Sign In.

         Which currencies does Online System Support?

At this time, you can only pay us in Canadian Dollar. If you are visiting our agents and branch they are happy to accept other currencies.

         Can I have more than one beneficiaries?

Yes. You can have multiple beneficiaries in your account, send money into your own account back home, to your family members, parents and friends.

         How can I view the details of a transactions?

You have access to your transaction history 24/7, simply Sign In to your account and click "Previous Transactions". There you will see all your previous transactions sent using Online system and its current status.

         What number should I contact if more information on Online system?

You contact our customer service at 905-272-3888, they will be happy to answer all your queries. You can also send an email at

         What AML/ATF regulations does Finmark Financials follow?

Finmark Financials is registered with FINTRAC (Reporting Entity Number M08915695) and follow regulatory requirement governs under the PCMLTFA.

         I am an importer, can I use the service?

Yes, whether small business or mid size business we offer variety of services. Majority of our corporate customers are importer. Finmark Financials offer competitive rate for buying foreign exchange and variety of hedging tools to protect yourself against currency fluctuation. Beside rate we offer flat fee transfer fee. If you make regular transfers, you will be surprised how quickly savings will add up.

         What are forward contracts and who can use them?

Forward contracts reduce your exchange rate risk by letting you lock in an exchange rate. Even though the actual funds transfer won't take place until a later date. This is one of the hedging tools use by our corporate clients to protect them against currency fluctuation.

         What are limit orders and who can use them?

A limit order lets customers instruct us to buy or sell one currency for another currency at a target rate that is better than the current market rate. Customers leave such orders with us to take advantage of exchange rate movements that occur when they may not be able to monitor rates themselves or during overnight markets when they are asleep.

         What are Swift codes, ABA & IBAN numbers?

This codes or numbers are need for wire transfer, it allow us to identify bank and branch where money is being sent.
Swift Code: It is a secure messaging system that allows banks to instruct each other on payments and accounts that they hold with each other.
ABA Code: In America, ABA code is also known as routing number consists of nine digits.
IBAN Number: There several countries banks which are now part of IBAN network similar to SWIFT. Especially, all European banks are now part of IBAN newtowrk.

For further information , we appreciate your queries at 1-905 272 3888 anytime

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