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FAQs: My Online Profile

Frequently Asked Questions: My Online Profile


My Online Profile

         How do I view or edit my personal information (e.g. Address, Telephone no., Occupation, Email address, etc)?

Once you Sign In, go to "Settings" where you can view and change all your personal information. Some fields are locked due to compliance reasons. If you are doing an address change you need submit utility bill or identification with current address.

         What if I forgot my password?

Resetting your password is simple. Click on Sign In, select "Forget My Password". You have two options to retrieve your password:

1. Security Question / Answer: Enter your Membership ID, click Revive Through Security Answer. You will be asked to answer of security question. If answer correctly, you will be able to successfully change your password.

2. Confirm Email ID by Confirmation Code: Enter your Membership ID, click Send Code to My Email ID. You will receive confirmation code on the email you have registered with your account. Enter this confirmation code on provided screen, you will be able to successfully change your password.

         Can I view my transaction history?

You have access to your transaction history 24/7, simply Sign In to your account and click "Previous Transactions". There you will see all your previous transactions sent using Online system and its current status.

         How I can view list of beneficiaries?

Simply Sign In to your account and click "Beneficiaries List". There you will see all your beneficiaries associated to your account. Click on any beneficiary name and you can view details.

         How do I change information of existing beneficiary already in the list?

Click to "Beneficiaries List" here you can add account details but cannot change any existing information of beneficiary due to compliance reason. Email us with updated information and we can update it for you.

For further information , we appreciate your queries at 1-905 272 3888 anytime

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