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Finmark Financials

FAQs: Euro (EUR) Money Transfer

Frequently Asked Questions: Euro (EUR) Money Transfer


Euro (EUR) Money Transfer

         How long it take to receive money in European countries?

Currently, we only offer account deposit in EU countries. It takes 3-4 business days to credit in recipient account.

         Do you offer Cash Pickup in any European countries?

No, we don't offer Cash Pickup in Europe.

         What information you need to make account deposit in EUR account?

To make a deposit in a EU country, we need following information

- Recipient Name

- Recipient Address


- Bank Name

- Branch Name

         Can I make you payment in U.S. Dollar instead of Canadian Dollar?

Yes, you can make payment to us in U.S. Dollar only in person, but payment will be available in Europe in their local currency. If you need payment in other currency call us for more information.

         Can I get EUR bank draft instead of transfer into an account?

No. we don't issue draft in Euro currency.

         I purchased merchandise for my personal use from Italy can I make payment to the merchant in EUR?

Yes, you can make payment to your merchant. Just provide merchant account information we can transfer money directly to their bank account. To use this service minimum amount has to be EUR1,000.

         I'm an importer can I use your service to transfer money to any European country against invoice in EUR?

Yes, we provide money transfer service to Businesses. You have to open a business account with us in order to transfer money to the vendor or supplier against invoice. Compare our rates with your local bank we can definitely save money.

For further information , we appreciate your queries at 1-905 272 3888 anytime

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