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FAQs: Pakistani Rupees (PKR) Money Transfer

Frequently Asked Questions: Pakistani Rupees (PKR) Money Transfer


Pakistani Rupees (PKR) Money Transfer

         Do you receive money transfer transaction from Pakistan in Rupees?

No, we don't receive Rupees transaction from Pakistan. State of Pakistan (SBP) has set home remittance policy which doesn't allow transaction from Pakistan in Rupees.

         Can I make payment to charitable organization in Pakistan?

Yes, Finmark Financials made private arrangement to make payment to any registered charitable organization in Pakistan. Just provide the purpose of payment (i.e. Zakat, Fitra, and Donation)

         Is IBAN mandatory to make account deposit in my recipient account?

By the end of this year IBAN will be mandatory to make account deposit in any account in Pakistan. We are asking customers to provide information head of time ot avoid any delay in future.

         What information recipient needs to collect money in Pakistan?

Cash Over Counter:

Your recipient can collect Cash Over Counter payment by visiting Finmark Financials correspondent agents or banks. They need 16 digits tracking number along with their local valid identification to collect payment. Payment is available next business day after processing during agent or bank local business hours. Payment can only be collected in local currency.

Account Deposit:

Account deposit takes 3-4 business days depends on banks.

         Can my recipient get Canadian dollar in Pakistan instead of Pakistani Rupees (PKR)?

According to SBP Home Remittance policy you can only get Pakistani Rupees in Pakistan.

         Do you transfer money in U.S. Dollar account in Pakistan?

Yes, we do transfer funds in U.S. Dollar account in Pakistan. It will be a wire transfer going thru SWIFT network.

         I purchased clothes for my personal use from Pakistan can I make payment to the merchant in Pakistani Rupees?

Yes, you can make payment to your merchant. Just provide merchant account information we can deposit money directly to their bank account. You pay absolutely no extra service fee to use this service.

         I get tutoring service from Pakistan can I make payment to my tutor in Pakistani Rupees?

Yes, you can make payment to tutor in Pakistan. Just provide their account information we can deposit money directly to their bank account. You pay absolutely no extra service fee to use this service.

         I purchased a house for my family in Pakistan can I make installment payment to the builder?

Congrats on your home purchase. Yes, you can make installment payment to the home builder in Pakistan. We offer bank draft deliver to builder office or deposit into their account directly.

Just provide bank account or bank draft payable details we will do the rest. In certain case you might have to pay separate courier charges beside regular service fees.

Some home builder does ask for payment in U.S. Dollar instead of Pakistani Rupees we do offer that service as well.

         What is mean by Free or $0 money transfer to Pakistan?

No service fees to transfer money to your love ones in Pakistan (however certain conditions do apply so please contact us through the phone number below). Just another way Finmark Financials save you money.

         Which banks does Finmark Financials work with in Pakistan?

We work with major banks in Pakistan to transfer money directly into bank account and arrange instant cash pickup. Our partner banks include United Bank Limited, Bank Alfalah and others.

         Can I do a name change of already processed transaction?

Yes, you can do a name change for already processed Cash Over Counter transaction. Send us an email with new name. There is no charge for this service and change normally takes 1 business day to process.

         Can I do mode of payment change once transaction is processed?

Account deposit transaction cannot be change to Cash Over Counter. Although, Cash Over Counter transaction can be change into account deposit. Existing transaction will be cancel and cancellation charges will be applied on this request.

For further information , we appreciate your queries at 1-905 272 3888 anytime

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