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Finmark Financials

How to Transfer

Send money 24/7 from your desktop, smartphone or tablet with just a few clicks, anytime, anywhere. You can make a payment to us using Online banking, Telephone banking, ATM, Interac Email Money Transfer or Interac Online.


Sending money to your love ones now become easier. You can send online from comfort your home and office 24/7 and 365 days. Now you can make payment to us securely by using Online banking, Telephone banking, ATM, Interac Email Money Transfer or Interac Online. Currently, this service is only available to Canadian residents. Simply follow these four steps to use Finmark Financials online money transfer system:

Step 1. Sign Up:
To become a member of Finmark Financials simply click on "New Signup!" on top right corner of your browser, complete entire form and click send. You will be asked to provide copy of identification (i.e. Driver's License, Ontario ID Card, Citizenship Card, PR Card, Canadian Passport) and recent Bank Statement with your name and complete address on it(we don't need financials part of your statement) to confirm your address.
Once we verified this information, you will receive your unique Membership ID on provided email at the time of registration. Normally this process takes 1-2 business days depends on document verification. By using this Membership ID you are able to create your online access and begin sending money to your love ones in minutes.
Enrolment is free and there are no obligation to open an account.
NOTE: if you are already an existing member of Finmark Financials move to Step 2, you don't need to Sign Up again.
Step 2. Create Web login:
Once you receive your Membership ID, click on "Sign In" and select "Don't have Web Login". Enter your Membership ID, Registered Email Address, Password and Confirm Password. Click "Send Request for Web Login".
Once all information verified you will be grant an access to our secure system.
Step 3. Enter Beneficiary Information:
Click on Beneficiary List, to review if beneficiary already exist on the system. You can add new beneficiary by simply click on "Add New". Enter all information and select country from the list. To enter account information, click on "Account Information".
Step 4. Create New Transaction:
Create a new transaction in simple steps:

Click on New Transaction.
Select beneficiary from the list.
Select Method of Payment (Cash Over Counter Pickup, Account Deposit, Home Delivery).
Select Payment Mode (E-Transfer, Bill Payment, Interac Online). To Learn how to use each payment mode click "Learn More" next to it.
Enter Amount you want to Send. The system will calculate the local currency at the best available exchange rate. It will show Destination Amount and Total Payable Amount in CAD$.
Select Purpose of Transaction from the list.
Select Source of Funds from the list.
Click on Terms and Conditions.
Click on SUBMIT.
System will ask to re-verify all information and press OK to Submit your transaction for processing. Now your money is on its way to your love ones it is that simple.
You will receive transaction receipt on your registered email.

Once transaction is processed by our team you will receive 16 digits Tracking Number which will be use by your beneficiary to collect payment from Banks and Agents.
For Future Transactions:
Just click Sign In, enter your Membership ID and password and follow step 4. No need to enter beneficiary again and again it is securely stored by our system for future transactions.
Making a payment to us using Online, Telephone or ATM Banking

1.   Log into your Online Banking using your bank card number and your confidential password.
2.   Next, click on “Pay Bills” and choose “Add Payees”.
3.   Search “Finmark Financials” and enter your Membership ID number which starts from FIN.
4.   Once Finmark Financials has been successfully added in your payee list, click on “Pay Bills”.
5.   Enter the amount you would like to transfer and select the account from which you would like to transfer your funds.
6.   Click “Continue” to proceed with the payment.
7.   Make note of confirmation number. It will most likely be 4 or 6 digits.

Please note: making a payments using Online, Telephone or ATM Banking may only be completed if you have an account with Royal Bank of Canada (RBC). If you have an accounts with other financial institution or bank, please use Interac Email Money Transfer or Interac Online.

Making a payment using Interac Email Money Transfer (EMT)

1.   Log into your Online Banking using your bank card number and your confidential password.
2.   Select the option for “Interac Email Money Transfer” and create a new payee.
3.   For payee, please enter the following information:
           a. Recipient Name: Finmark Financials
           b. Email Address:

4.   Create a Security Question and answer.
5.   Provide security answer during transaction. Without answering the security question, we will not be able to receive your payment. is a secure online website. It uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) which uses 256 bits encryption. It protects your transactions and confidential data in a secure manner during transmission, so don't worry about transferring money online you are protected.

Need assistance feel free to contact us at 905-272-3888 or email us or "send quick message"

Our FAQ page will give answers to many of your questions.

For further information, we appreciate your queries at 1(905) 272-3888anytime

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